NIP sent to wrong address - can I appeal?

I have just received a notice from driver and licencening agency. I have been given six points and fined £660 for a speeding ticket back in Aug 2015 which the police decided to inform me at a address I have never lived at or have any connection with.

I have been taken to court for the more serious offence of failing to give them the information of the driver at the time of the offence. However, if I had received the letter/notification of the offence, I would have held my hands up. But now I have to go to court to try and overturn the offences and plead either guilty of not guilty to the original offence.

Can I overturn the offences? Do I have to plead guilty when it was so long ago to remember? As they in there wisdom sent letters to a incorrect address surely this is wrong and I can appeal. Any advise would be appreciated.

Asked on 3 March 2016 by Hungryhippo

Answered by Honest John
Forget denying the original offence. But definitely plead not guilty to having ignored the original NIP and make sure you have adequate and comprehensive proof that you were not living at the address to which the NIP was sent at the time and had already informed the DVLA of your change of keepership address. Of course if you did not inform the DVLA of your change of keeper address you don't have a leg to stand on.
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