Speeding ticket confusion

I bought a second hand car last week and today (seven days later) I was driving (all legal - taxed, MoT'd and insured) and unfortunately got flashed by a camera. I know the Police have 14 days to send the request to identify the driver, but where are they likely to send it?

I'm assuming the previous owner has already sent of the registration document with my details on it, but I've no idea how long it takes for that to register on the system the police search. If the NIP goes to the previous owner and he returns the form with my details, does the 14 days start again?

Asked on 11 January 2015 by j9dw

Answered by Honest John
The only way you could have legally taxed the car would have been via the DVLA website or via a post office before you drove it away. Tax has not rolled over to the next keeper since last October. So if you have not re-taxed the car you may find that when the camera flashed it was not taxed. That is, unless the previous owner was slow to send in the V5C with change of keeper on.
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