Selling cars from the highway - Is this legal?

A resident in a local estate has at least 18 cars for sale (no signs up) dotted about our village. All are parked on adopted highways, all are taxed and MOT'd.

The local council seems to have their hands tied as no contravention of Planning, Highways or Environmental legislation appears to have been contravened. The use of his home to carry out repairs and preparation of cars for sale may be an issue.

Have you come across this problem before, if so is there a solution?

Asked on 18 January 2016 by Stan the man

Answered by Honest John
If they are all taxed and MoT'd and if there is no Council Bylaw controlling the sale of things on the street (there often are to control market trading), then the only way infringement might be insurance. Trade insurance is usually 'road risks only' up to a total of a specific figure. If the total value of his cars on the street exceeds this figure and if the cars are not listed on the Motor Insurers Database (you can check at then you can insist on the police becoming involved.
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