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How do I start off as a car trader?

I just lost my job and decided to try and work for myself. I've bought numerous cars over the years on a casual basis from various auctions and never had any bother. I try and buy nice clean cars and am absolutely honest with customers. I've bought a trader's insurance and registered with BCA, but unfortunately until I've bought a certain amount of cars from them I won't be allowed to view their online auction. I would really like to know the latest prices to get a feel of the market. Do you have any ideas? Also I would like to purchase a 'CAP' book. I know I can get one from an auction but due to circumstance I won't be able to attend for a couple of weeks.

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You can order the black book on an annual basis, or get it online, but it's expensive. Same with Glass's Guide. But for trading, it's better simply go go to the auctions and write down the prices. That will give you a real life feel for what cars are going for until you qualify for BCA's composite figures in Auctionview.
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