Rodent damage - can you warn others about this?

I have a property in Florida and I keep a 2012 Ram there. On my last visit, the check engine light came on and the code showed an emissions leak. I thought it was a warranty repair but it turned out that a plastic breather tube above the gas tank had been chewed through in two places by a rodent, either rat or squirrel. I had been at the beach and parked it in a quiet spot near picnic areas where there is a lot of food debris around. According to the technician it is quite common, where there's palms there's rats. The part was cheap but the labour wasn't because they had to drop the gas tank to get to it. I thought this may be of interest to any of your readers planning a flydrive to Florida. Park away from picnic areas, preferably where there is plenty of traffic and movement.

Asked on 4 January 2016 by sunburnttongue

Answered by Honest John
Definitely is worth warning about. By strange coincidence I caught a rat this morning and transported it to a patch of jungle outside our housing compound. Smoked paddy rat is a delicacy round here, but this one wasn't a paddy rat.
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