Buying SEAT Leon FR 1.8 - problems with timing chains?

I am interested in a one year old Seat Leon 1.8 FR petrol. Have the widely reported oil consumption and timing chain problems with VWG TSI engines, been banished from this version of the engine? Would an average, but keen driver notice the benefits of the multilink suspension, compared to the torsion beam on the 1.4 ACT?

Asked on 7 December 2015 by Gav

Answered by Honest John
This should have the later EA288 engine with indirect as well as direct injection that solves the coking up problem. The timing chain and piston ring problems seem to be confined to 2009-2011 CDAA engines. Multi-link suspension definitely worth having because it improves both the handling and the ride, especially on 18-inch wheels with low profile tyres. One new problem with the EA288 has been cam lobes in the USA. No squeaks about this in the UK, though. Test by Dan and video by me of this car here:
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Shorter and sharper looking version of Leon. Impressive combination of ride and handling. Good value for money.

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