Rejecting used car - how do I do it?

My daughter bought a used car from a very large dealership in June. The car first refused to start approx two months later. then it began to refuse to start more regularly some weeks later. The dealership just said that it was outside their 3 months warranty period. She paid £360 to two garages to try and find the fault but nothing was showing on the diagnostics. Then she was told that the dealership were liable so she went back to them.They have twice tried to find the fault and done some work to try and cure it. She's had the car back 2 weeks and Friday night it let her down again at the supermarket and she had to get her breakdown out,they eventually managed to start it. She bought the car to replace her older one as it was just a two seater and she is now 34 weeks pregnant. Has she any rights under the sale of goods act to reject the car and ask for a refund or replacement?

Asked on 24 November 2015 by Moongazing

Answered by Honest John
Yes. She can't apply the latest Consumer Rights Act because that is only effective from 1st October 2015. But all the previous law applies, specifically a dealer's liability for any faults that develop within the first 6 months:
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