Why don't average speed camera operators display offenders' number plates on another gantry?

Like many other law abiding drivers I'm often overtaken by other cars and, more often than not, LGVs, on motorways that have average speed cameras. Most of them are travelling at least 10 or 15 mph more than permitted with a workforce operating. As a result of this bee in my bonnet, I contacted the Highways Agency and asked them if these cameras are active and, if so, how many drivers have been fined, and would it be an idea to display their number plate on the next gantry? After several days I received an email from them that was as good as any answer you would get from politicians.

I was told that it was up to each driver to obey the law and the number plates could not be shown because it could distract the driver and contravene data protection. There was no mention of how many drivers had been fined. With regards to data protection, how does this affect all of us that we happen to have number plates attached to our vehicle? You stated recently in one of your answers that you were also not aware how many had been fined. Has this changed or should we all just ignore them?

Asked on 14 July 2010 by beefykeefy

Answered by Honest John
They were correct about data protection. They deliberately obfuscated about fines. I have not heard of anyone getting done by average speed cameras for a long time. I thought it was because most drivers comply, but could be wrong.
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