Problems with a Vauxhall Zafira

I bought this Zafira in November 2013 from a Vauxhall dealer. I had a long chat with them about what I needed the car for and the type of driving I would be doing (running kids around, hospital app's etc). At the time there was also a petrol version available and they told me I would be better off with the diesel. The car is on HP on a 4 year term. I have since spent £3000 plus on repairs although some has been covered by the warranty. There have however been alarming situations. The dealer had put a new battery on just before I bought it. When it died on me a few months ago it was apparent to the Greenflag mechanic that it was the wrong battery for the car. It was far to small. The alternator died and that was a reconditioned one that I wasn't aware of. They put budget tyres on which failed within 3 months. Brakes which failed shortly after. Last week I forked out £888 for a new DPF and EGR valve and now I am looking at another repair as I have smoke coming from the exhaust. My question is - can I get anywhere with the finance company/dealer with these complaints?

Asked on 30 August 2015 by torsie1000

Answered by Honest John
Since you've had the car for 2 years it's going to be a bit difficult to make a case against the dealer and, significantly, it will be difficult to prove anyway. But last week's experience is typical of someone sold an EU5 diesel car for the type of use to which you put it. The under-rated battery will have given the alternator more work to do and that will be the reason for that failure. The problems won't end with this 1.9 CTDI engine that will probably need a new timing belt, tensioner and waterpumps soon. Try to swop it for a petrol engined Toyota Verso, or at least a petrol engined Zafira.
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