Unlicensed vehicle letter from the DVLA

I received a letter from the DVLA stating my car was untaxed on the 19/05/15. On the 15/04/15 I set up my car tax online and have got two confirmation emails stating it has been set up, as well as setting this up for my new vehicle I also cancelled my previous car tax direct debit on the same day.

I checked online if my car was taxed and it says it is so I telephoned the dvla and explained this to them. They were no help whatsoever and stated my car was untaxed on the day and I need to pay the fine.I asked them why it was untaxed when I have confirmation that the direct debit has been set up, they said they sent an email out to me on the 20/05/2015 stating the debit has been cancelled.

I checked my emails and the email I received was confirming it was my other direct debit for the old car what was cancelled.

I then telephoned my bank and asked them if there was a new debit set up to which they confirmed but stated that the Dvla haven't asked for a payment, and because they haven't asked for one, one hasn't been sent.

I phoned the dvla up again and tried explaining this and they weren't interested. Where do I stand with this? It's really worrying me as I followed the correct process of taxing my car online and also had email confirmation stating it has been successful. I have many debit being deducted from my bank. Any help really appreciated.

Asked on 5 June 2015 by KyleG44

Answered by Honest John
Tell them you have done everything you could to honestly pay your annual VED using their system and it is their fault that they have not taken any payment on the direct debit. Tell them that if they take you to court over this you will explain the situation to the judge and demand compensation for your time spent preparing your case and attending court.
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