How can I get the V5 for my Suzuki Swift Sport which I bought new?

I ordered a brand new Suzuki Swift Sport in February this year, taking advantage of the car scrappage scheme. At delivery date, I made my way to the dealer and very happily signed all appropriate documents, and then paid for the vehicle. At this point I was told that there had been a problem during the vehicle registration procedure and that my vehicle details had been designated to a different registration (a 1.3 Swift) and the 1.3 Swift details designated to my registration. The sales person told me it wasn't a problem, that Suzuki GB and the DVLA had been informed, it was being sorted and I would receive a new V5 in the post. Unfortunately, four months on and after numerous phone calls to the dealer, I still don't have a V5 document. The road tax runs out in August and I don't see how I could possibly re-tax an unregistered vehicle. I would really appreciate any advice you could pass on to me.

Asked on 3 July 2010 by swifty2010

Answered by Honest John
The dealer has let you down and the DVLA too. You have to get onto the DVLA and sort it out yourself.
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