When am I legally obliged to reject a car?

Three months ago we bought a Ford S-Max. Within a week it developed an intermittent 'engine malfunction' warning and our local garage did a diagnostic check.

They had it for a few days and replaced a part as they had 'had a similar problem in another S-Max and this is how they fixed it'. The fault has happened again and the car is back with them to replace another part as this is how 'fixed a Kuga which has a similar engine'.

So far they have spent two days investigating the fault (which is different from the previous fault) which apparently is different from the first fault - they have refused to take it to a Ford main dealer as that would cost too much. How many chances do they have to attempt a fix? If it happens again can I take it to a main dealer for it to be fixed and then bill them for the cost?

Asked on 8 February 2015 by Londoner

Answered by Honest John
They get one more chance to fix it (3 altogether), then you can reject the car: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/

Of course, that doesn't mean that you won't then have a legal battle on your hands if they contest the rejection.
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