Is the DSG gearbox unreliable?

With regards to all these reported issues of DSG failures/issues, could it be that people are not paying attention to the service routines on the DSG box?

I have seen quite a few DSG cars now that have been fully dealer serviced, but some how missed their 40,000 DSG oil change, and it only happens if the customer requests it as additional work.

Asked on 8 January 2015 by hjread

Answered by Honest John
The six-speed wet clutch DSG is by far the more reliable. But the seven-speeders are failing whether they have had the fluid change or not. Of course, if the fluid was changed from mineral to synthetic at a change, that could have caused the trouble. And on top of that, the very act of changing the fluid on newer seven-speed DSGs from synthetic to mineral either seems to be upsetting the Mechatronics or the Mechatronics were already on the way out.

Problems detailed in the VAG entries in They, and timing chain failures on 1.4TSIs, are coming in thick and fast these days.
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