DSG problems with Volkswagen Golf - is it a known fault?

My Volkswagen Golf Plus was recently recalled to have gearbox oil changed. It has covered about 18,000 miles from when new in March 2011. However, the gearbox stalls or stutters when starting to drive from stationary and I have been told by by an independent firm that this is a gearbox fault.

The car has been maintained from new by a Volkswagen main dealer and I am returning the car to them to check themselves, but they tell me it is now out of guarantee and any repairs needed will have to be paid for.

I would like your opinion on what I should do as the mileage is very low and although I am no expert it seems to me that Volkswagen should repair it for free of charge, taking into account the low mileage and earlier known fault with oil which I can only assume may have been the root cause of the problem.

What do you think?

Asked on 27 November 2014 by Busby2014

Answered by Honest John
This is an extremely common fault. So much so I'm sometimes seeing two separate reports per day. Worst with the 1.6TDI seven-speed dry clutch DSG because the engine delivers the torque limit of the box. Clutch pack failure is common. Many have been recalled to change synthetic oil in them for mineral oil. But often either the synthetic oil has already damaged the Mechatronics or the effect of the oil change damages the Mechatronics and these need to be replaced.

Volkswagen has been coughing up 100% of the cost of the parts plus 30% of the labour charge, leaving owners with a £450 bill. Worth getting the brake light switch checked because a fault with this can lead to the delay exiting side roads and entering roundabouts.
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