Vauxhall Vectra DMF failure

My local garage has told me that I need a new dual mass flywheel + clutch Kit for my Vauxhall Vectra, at a cost of £800. I called Vauxhall customer services and they told me to have the car inspected by a local dealer to find out if it’s a manufacturing defect. They have promised to pay for the costs if this is the case.

The dealer claims it will cost £400 to inspect the dual mass flywheel and I am now wondering if I should forgot it and take it to my local garage instead. What do you suggest?

Asked on 15 October 2014 by Samy

Answered by Honest John
It's a Vectra, which means it's at least 6 years old, so I doubt that Vauxhall will contribute to the new DMF and clutch. And Catch 22 is that if the car is left with the Vauxhall dealer in bits, the replacement DMF and clutch could be £1400, not the £800 the independent is quoting.
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