Can an aftermarket ECU cause DMF failure?

I own a 2010 SEAT Alhambra, which has suffered a dual mass flywheel failure. The car has covered less than 35,000 miles and has a full service history. However, after buying it, I had an aftermarket ECU chip installed by a reputable company.

The ECU chip has been accused by SEAT as having contributed to the flywheel's demise, although nobody is willing to explain exactly how. SEAT is refusing to offer any goodwill payment (I'm out of warranty by under a year) on the strength of my having an aftermarket ECU fitted. Indeed, it allegedly invalidates the entire warranty. Are they being tight fisted or downright unreasonable?

Asked on 22 October 2014 by Head4Heights

Answered by Honest John
The ECU reprogramming will increase the torque output of the engine giving the DMF a harder job to do, so yes, it was fair to invalidate the warranty, and this wasn't a warranty matter anyway, it would have been a goodwill payment.
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