My car is not as described - any recourse?

When purchasing a brand new Audi A3 from the showroom, I sent an e-mail to the salesman asking him if the spec on the display model was as described on the Audi Website. When I came to update the Sat Nav via Audi, I discovered my car was manufactured 3 days before this offer was made available.

I am now told I have to pay 5 years x £219 a time (total £1095) to update the maps. I have approached the dealer on this, but they are unable to help as they say they cannot be responsible for the changes made by Audi, or expected to be aware of these changes. Should I pursue this matter please?

Asked on 14 September 2014 by Fritz

Answered by Honest John
What was the salesman's reply and do you have an email from him that specifically states that you will get free updates? If you do you can probably get a small claims judge in the county court to rule that the dealer has to pay for your updates.

Specs can change - but you asked a specific question and if the salesman gave you the wrong information he was negligent in not checking his facts. No such email from the salesman, no chance.
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