Problems with my brand new i40 - what can I do?

I took delivery of a new Hyundai i40 Tourer Premium SE on 5th April 2014. All seemed OK except the gear change pretty rough. This did not improve with use. On 24th June I did my first long journey, a round trip of over 1000 miles and I had problems.

Several times I could not get the car into gear and on one occasion nearly caused an accident on a roundabout. I reported this both to Hyundai and the garage where I purchased the car. The garage diagnosed the problem. They said the clutch had design fault and a new clutch had now been designed to cure this problem; they said they would order one and fit it.

That was six weeks ago and I am informed that the new clutch is not yet available and is on back order! The problem is getting worse and my wife will not drive the car.

Have you any advice which might speed thing up? I note from the internet that other people have had similar problems with this car.

Asked on 8 August 2014 by Fruzzy

Answered by Honest John
You can reject the car outright as "not of satisfactory quality" because it came with a fault under the ruling in Clegg v Olle Andersson, House of Lords, 2003. ( Or you could demand that the dealer supplies you with an equivalent properly working car until he is able to fix the car he originally supplied you with. You need a sit down meeting with the dealer principal of the dealership that sold you the car.

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