Who should I get to insure my new Mazda CX-5

I have a brand new Mazda CX-5 2.2d Sport Nav, due to be delivered in the next couple of days so a couple of questions please?

a) Regarding insurance and the Mazda 3 year warranty, should we buy the specific Mazda insurance so we get the guaranteed Mazda repairs? Insurance from eSure is £320 or from Mazda is £410.

b) As the car is on finance I will be getting Gap to invoice for the £115 for 3 year policy (ALA or www.gapinsurance123.co.uk) but should we get coverage deferred for a year to use the New Car Replacement Coverage from the new car insurance, from eSure only, for the first 12 months?

Asked on 4 September 2013 by Razglaws

Answered by Honest John
a) Yes.
b) That £115 is a fair price.
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