What's the best commuter car?

My wife commutes 20,000 miles per year and needs a reliable car. We have thought about the 1.4 diesel 2013 Toyota Auris or the Toyota Auris Hybrid. Which would you recommend?

Asked on 10 September 2014 by Verdana

Answered by Honest John
These 1.4 diesels are chain cam but they are not completely bulletproof. Better in a Yaris than an Auris. An Auris HSD is extremely understressed and taxi drivers have had 400,000 miles with no trouble from the drivetrain.

I got 63mpg delivering one over a distance of 300 miles and the owner has averaged 52mpg over 3 years. Not quick, though. The Yaris HSD also works well as long as you don't push it.
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