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New car for my in-laws

I have been asked by my father in-law for advice in buying a replacement car. Both my in-laws are retired and are moving to a smaller house. They will want a car for some shorter journeys but also longer ones during the week as they live in North Wales. They also have family all over the country.

Currently they have a Focus 1.8 Ghia on an 06 plate with full service history. However it is starting to cost money and its dreadful on fuel with the Welsh roads.

They saw a Dacia Sandero Stepway diesel today at the Bala county show and really liked it plus the dealer said the DPF regenerated at a lower temp and they could have upto a 7 year warranty. As they will use the bus for short journeys I don't think it will be too much of a problem. They were thinking of a car of this size like a Skoda Yeti, possibly even a use Toyota Verso, but the rather rude dealer put them off.

They have £10k plus the focus as a px and possibly a bit more money if needs be. Would the Dacia be a good buy or should they consider anything else? They don't want a lower car to get into, which is why they liked the Stepway.

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No reason not to cut costs and go for the Sandero Stepway 1.5DCI. It's also available with an excellent 3 cylinder 90TCe petrol engine. Important to specify a colour because the white standard paint if often not thick enough. Also, they will need to buy a spare wheel as an extra, and they might as well buy a full size one rather than a space-saver. The choice between Ambiance and Laureate is whether they want aircon or not.
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