Need a rugged family hatchback - any recommendations?

I'm looking to purchase a used Golf/Focus sized hatchback. I live in the lake district and drive up a lot of mountain passes and winding country lanes (about 20k per year). In one of your previous answers, you said that the old Fabias were built in the Czech Republic for 'tougher driving conditions' compared to the Spanish built Polo/Ibizas.

Are there any mid-sized hatchbacks that are currently built to a more 'rugged' standard than other cars? It must last for a long time, but be decent to drive and give reasonable MPG?

Asked on 14 November 2016 by Sarah

Answered by Honest John
One tactic would be to go for a Dacia Sandero Stepway that's already jacked up a bit and on sensible tyres and is so much cheaper it doesn't have to last as long. Built for Romanian conditions. Or go the whole hog and get a Duster.
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