My used Peugeot is causing problems - what do I do?

I purchased a 2006 Peugeot 207 at the end of January. I was mislead as to its mileage when emailing them and discovered it had done more when test driving it.

The car had various signs of wear, but these were identified, as a layman, and I purchased it. Within the first two weeks I noticed a clicking noise in the steering. I returned the car to find out a 'Peugeot' service flash requested remediation. This was fixed.

Eight weeks later the steering packed up, ABS packed up and a STOP light appeared on the dashboard. I broke down and had to be towed home.

The air-con has packed up as well. I have done perhaps 5-600miles in the time I have owned it. I also have a slow-puncture but the tyre garage can find no leak - the 'wheel may be out of shape' says the mechanic.

I have returned the car to the garage asking for a refund. I have lost faith in all of this. They say I must notify them of any further problems as their warranty runs out. They haven't ever told me what the warranty is or covers.

I am aware of the sale of goods act, 6 months protection in basic terms. They have tried to repair the air-con (re-gassing, but might be a leak), ABS sensor needs fixing, no news on tyre.

No offer of recompense. I have lost faith in the car and garage. What is reasonable to expect from now on?

Asked on 29 April 2014 by SJT_77

Answered by Honest John
This is nothing to do with a warranty and everything to do the the liability of the garage for selling you a car that was in "unsatisfactory condition" in the first place. Tell them that if they don't take the car back and refund most of your money (minus an allowance for your use of the car) then you will take the matter to the small claims track of the county court quoting Clegg v Olle Andersson House of Lords 2003. Law here:
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