Can you recommend a small car with a bright interior?

My wife is looking for a new city car - she's seen the Toyota Aygo, Hyundai i10 and Volkswagen Up, but is frustrated at not being able to find an interior that is bright in colour - too much grey and black. Can you suggest some cars that will light up her enthusiasm?

Asked on 24 March 2014 by KDS200

Answered by Honest John
Most FIAT 500 interiors are light in colour, and Lounge spec even comes with a white leather covered steering wheel.

I've seen very attractive light coloured interiors in the new model i10.

She could wait to see what interior colours and trims the next generation of C1s, 108s and Aygos come with.

Or wait even longer to check out the new, rear engined Renault Twingo.
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