Best two seater sports car for £8k?

My wife and I are planning a road trip through France, Switzerland and Italy. We want a two seater sports car to take us there in style. I am 6ft 4in which rules out some of the popular options. I want to spend up to about £8000 and want to be confident that it will hold its value should I decide to sell it after our road trip. What model would you recommend?

Asked on 16 March 2014 by Steve Reed

Answered by Honest John
Well 6' 4" wipes out an MX-5, that's for sure.

You could also consider an Audi TT, a Honda S2000 or a Nissan 350Z roadster.

But, sensibly, for touring you'll be better off in a soft roadster such as a BMW Z4 or a Mercedes SLK, on 16" or 17" wheels with deep profile tyres to protect your backs and save the expense of replacing potholed tyres.

You'll be safest of all with an SLK because it has a folding tintop, so you could take the risk of leaving it parked with your belongings inside.
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