Should I have paid for a new DPF for my X-Trail when the old one could have been cleaned?

I have a Nissan X-Trail diesel that had a DPF problem, cleared by JFE Nissan at Exeter. They cleared the warning, but after a few weeks, it came on again. JFE said they were unable to clear it and said I must have a new DPF at a cost of just under £1500. Three days after it was fitted I left for France. This meant using the A303, M3, M25, and M20.

In France we were on an Autoroute, but after a total of 320 miles since the new DPF was fitted, the light came on again and, despite driving it for 10 miles in fourth gear, holding 4000 rpm, the light refused to go off. I phoned JFE from France, and was told it was probably a wiring problem, but as it was a new filter, it couldn’t be blocked so to carry on driving, and they would look at it when I got back in three weeks' time. On returning to the UK, JFE had the car for one and a half hours, but could not clear it, and required the car for three days the following week. They still could not clear it, and had to contact Nissan, who said there was a problem with the computer, and eventually it was fixed.

Throughout this saga, JFE insisted that it was my type of driving causing the problem, and even when I pointed out that the 320 miles had all been done on long motorway type roads, they were just not interested. Having seen your reply about problems with X-Trail filters, I wondered if you think they should have investigated further before committing me to the expense they did. I have all the relevant paperwork on file.

Asked on 28 December 2013 by DM, Honiton

Answered by Honest John
It is possible that it could have been cleaned out, yes. I can't say for sure. Just that it is possible. DPFs for HGVs are routinely cleaned and put back every 80,000 to 100,000 by And that's onto engines that cruise at between 1000 and 1500rpm.
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