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Why is the Citroen DS5 badly rated by journalists?

I have been driving a Citroen DS4 HDI 160 for about a year. I really enjoy this car, it is comfortable, nippy, fun to drive and economical. It was a great tower of my Eldiss caravan, that I have recently changed to a Coachman. I felt the DS4 was just a bit light for towing this new caravan, so I decided to purchase a new DS5 160 Sport of which I take delivery in about two weeks. It is heavier and should do the towing job. However, I noticed in a well-known car magazine that they have assessed the DS5 as below par overall. Have I missed something, because they also assess the DS4 as below par?

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In my view they are both bad designs. The DS3 worked very well but the DS4 doesn't. There is absolutely no excuse for non-opening back windows and a point on the back door that stabs people in the cheek (it did to me on the launch).

It has completely ridiculous 19-inch wheels with 40 profile tyres, and the ride quality of the DS5 (based on a stretched C4, not a C5) is abysmal. Had it been given Hydractive 3 suspension then it might have been worthy of bearing the DS tag. After the criticism, Citroen is now re-thinking the DS5.
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