How should I safely sell my Chrysler 300C in Spain?

I have a LHD UK-registered 2006 5.7 V8 Chrysler 300C Hemi in Spain with just 1300 miles on it. A LHD specialist has made an offer to buy it and meet me in Spain to conclude the deal. Before I travel out there I need to be as sure as I can be about the reliability and honesty of the company but can't find it listed at Companies House. The car has been parked up in underground car park for three years. The specialist has offered cash or bank transfer, but as the transaction involves me travelling out to Spain to complete, I would feel better if I knew something about them before I made the trip.

Asked on 21 December 2013 by SK, via email

Answered by Honest John
That is quite specialised. Though not an SRT-8, in the UK, with 70,000 miles, it theoretically trade books at £4,570, so it's not a throwaway car. But I don't know of any market for it in the UK. So if these guys are prepared to pay cash, in a bank, where you can immediately credit the cash to an account you hold somewhere, then that cash transfer is irrevocable. Bank transfers are revocable and very dangerous in a situation like this.
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