Why do people buy cars with no spare wheels?

Four times in the last few weeks, I have had to point out to women driving small FWD cars with 40 per cent profile tyres that they were running with a flat rear tyre, of which they were quite unaware. But today I encountered an idiot man, parked blocking half the wet, busy road, just over the brow of a hill, because his low profile rear tyre had been run flat long enough to completely detach the tread and sidewalls (which had vanished), and drop him onto the rim and of course his Vauxhall had no spare. Is anything happening behind the scenes to make manufacturers offer at least a space saver? And what kind of a bloody fool would buy a car with no spare?

Asked on 24 August 2013 by JB, Luton

Answered by Honest John
Most people do not realise that their car does not have a spare wheel, until they need it. I imagine a lot of load area carpets will be lifted this morning as readers check
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