My Range Rover Vogue caught fire and damaged my house - will this be covered under warranty?

Last Wednesday night at approximately 10.30pm, my Range Rover Vogue (purchased new in December 2011) caught fire due to an electrical fault. It had been parked up since 5.30pm. Not only was the car destroyed, but part of my house too. Obviously I have been in touch with both my motor and house insurers, and I have also given all the details to Land Rover UK, but I wondered if you had any idea whether such an occurrence would be covered under a warranty claim?

There was no electrical equipment connected to the power points within the vehicle. For your information, if you Google "Land Rover Fire" you will find at least two recent newspaper reports of Land Rover fires, one of which also damaged a building, and if you search in YouTube "Range Rover fire" there are several videos of various Land Rovers going up in smoke.

Asked on 20 July 2013 by RB, Bedford

Answered by Honest John
All I have here are official safety recalls for a potential fuel leak: The insurers will put a vehicle fire specialist onto the job and because this will be a big claim, they will hold the manufacturer responsible if a manufacturing fault is found.

Actually one of the posters came up with a good reason for this: a red hot turbo. If the engine is a turbodiesel, the turbos get very hot indeed (I've felt this in a Jag XJ 2.7 twin turbo diesel after a long ascent). If you parked the car without idling it for a minute or two when the turbo/turbos were red hot then the heat could have melted some electrical insulation, leading to a short circuit and electrical fire.
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