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Our Mazda 3 was supplied without the multichanger that was promised - should the dealer fit it?

Two weeks ago I bought a 2012 Mazda 1.6D 115 Sport, an ex-dealer demonstrator from Mazda dealer. It is fitted with Bose stereo and salesman advised it had the 6CD autochanger. We were happy with this as our last car was a Mazda with auto-changer and it suits us. No part-ex, no discount off the price save for tank of fuel. We were mostly happy with everything else, although the PDI could have been better, only later we discovered it does not have the autochanger.

Eventually we learned from the dealer that our car was a facelift model and did not have the CD Multichanger fitted previously, even though the dash still has multiple disc navigation controls. He apologised, acknowledged that in error, not deliberately (which we believe) he had misinformed us, and offered an iPod connector lead (we use mp3 players) or possibly a discount on a service or, get this, the free fitting of a changer unit, but we would have to pay for the unit at cost price of £600 plus VAT. Any suggestions?

Asked on 20 July 2013 by JC, Neston, Cheshire

Answered by Honest John
Jackson v HWM Kingston County Court 1997 held that specs can change between price lists or brochures and production and that this is acceptable, so if you took this to court you might not win. However, in your case the car actually existed and you were specifically assured that it had the feature you specifically wanted. So you might be able to compromise and either get your money back or force the dealer into discounting the multi changer, or even fitting it free. It cost about £10 to make, so £600 retail is pushing it a bit anyway.
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