I think I've been mis-sold a car - what should I do?

In September 2016 I bought a new Land Rover Discovery Sport. I test drove the car at one dealer but bought from a different one who offered a better price. I selected the HSE model having been told at the first dealership that it had the same 10-way seat as the HSE Lux I tested. But, on delivery I found it less comfortable and enquiries revealed it has an 8-way seat which isn't what I wanted. I have complained to Land Rover that their product training was the cause of the error (the second, supplying, garage gave me the same info but only after I bought the car). Land Rover say my complaint has to be taken up with the retailer.

I've explained that although both dealers gave the same (incorrect) advice the suppling dealer can't be held responsible and that the consistent cause of the problem is the product information LR gave to (at least) two dealers 200 miles apart. It didn't occur to me to ask the local dealer the same question again as I'd already got absolute confirmation from the first. But, the problem I now have is that the supplying dealer did NOT give me wrong advice so I suspect I have no case against them. I just asked them to quote for (literally) the same HSE vehicle that the first dealer had found (in the Land Rover supply pound). I've tried to get Land Rover to accept responsibility on the grounds that their poor product information (somewhat confirmed by your own enquiry) was the cause of the problem. Do you think I have any chance of getting a resolution?

Asked on 21 January 2017 by Martin Purches

Answered by Honest John
I took a bit of time here to run through the specs in the online catalogue and I can't find anywhere a mention of 8-way or 10-way seats, in Pure, SE, HSE or HSE Luxury specs. This may have deliberately been left out of the catalogue specs in order to cope with production issues. In the circumstances I don't think you do.
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