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My car has been erroneously recorded as a 'Cat B' write-off. Can this be reversed?

You kindly advised me about changing my Volkswagen Passat a little while ago. I went in to Nottingham Volkswagen to look at a newer Passat they had, and they did a check on my car prior to making me an offer. The report they received (from Experian, headed 'Retailer Approved Autocheck Report) states under the 'ABI Insurance Condition' that my car was a ‘Cat B Body Crushed' in May 2011. I have owned this car for seven years and it has never been in a serious accident, let alone Category B damage.

Interestingly the make and model is stated in this section as 'Vauxhall Vec' - although the rest of the report correctly identifies my car as a Passat. I have a short personalised number plate – could this have been cloned? Although I have never received any speeding or parking tickets that one might expect in that sort of situation. Or is it that the information has simply been input wrongly? Nottingham Volkswagen says that Experian will contact me in 14 days, although I have no great faith in this happening.

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You sue Experian for the part-exchange value of the car without this blight on its record. They have libelled your car and you have suffered financial damage as a result. You can now sue for up to £10,000 commencing your action with The mistake will be due to the change of reg. It could be that another car was issued with the original reg of your Passat, and this 'stuck' to the record.

Update: Faced with this threat Experian rapidly capitulated and wiped the blight from the car’s record.
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