How can I improve the ride comfort in my Evoque TD4?

I drive a 2012 Evoque TD4 model and am very disappointed with the suspension. It provides a rough ride on country roads and is especially uncomfortable for rear passengers. Can the suspension be adjusted and perhaps the tyre pressures or type of tyres might make a difference? Also is there an option on wheel sizes that may make a difference to the ride?

Asked on 15 June 2013 by CJ, Chippenham

Answered by Honest John
If it's on bling 20-inch wheels with 245/45 R20 tyres I'm not surprised. The only sensible wheels and tyres for an Evoque are 18-inch with 235/60 R18 tyres. If it's on 20-inch wheels, sell the wheels and tyres on eBay and buy a sensible set of 18s. The in between option is 19-inch wheels with 235/55 R19 tyres.
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