How can I protect myself against number plate cloning?

I just heard of someone who had his white van number plate copied, and received six speeding offences against him. The judge was unable to accept his argument that it was not his van and as a result of totting up he received a driving ban. By sheer luck, the offending van was stopped two weeks later for dangerous driving and the charges against the driver were dropped. What can I do to prevent myself getting into such a situation? Can I, for example, somehow make my car look different, or use some form of recording device to show where I am, whether the vehicle was being used, etc?

Asked on 27 April 2013 by GW, Leeds

Answered by Honest John
In court, the driver's solicitor was at fault, or the driver thought he could do without a solicitor. Every business driver and everyone with a company car is required to keep records or a diary, so those would have helped the driver and will help you. A defensive measure might be a cheap 'personal reg' such as an anonymous six digit one from Northern Ireland. But record keeping is the best defence.
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