We believe our car has been cloned - what should we do?

I had a shock yesterday when I opened the post and received a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the Metropolitan Police. It is alleged that I had been travelling at 38mph on a 30mph restricted road at a certain time on a certain date. The road in question is the Hampton Road West by Canterbury Rd. and car registration details certainly match those of my Honda Jazz Sport. The form also states that “this allegation can be supported in court by technical and photographic evidence”. However, on the evening in question, my wife and I (the only authorised drivers) were in our home in East Horsley and the car was in our garage. We are both elderly senior citizens; tend not to go out late at night, and have absolutely no reason to visit the area indicated. Could a simple mistake have been made or could our registration plate have been copied or cloned in some way?

Asked on 2 April 2012 by SC, East Horsley

Answered by Honest John
Yes, the arrogance of the numberplate recognition system and associated forms does not allow for mistakes and cloned plates. Simply write back telling them what you have told me and that you are unable to complete the form because no one was driving your car at the time of the alleged offence. These forms urgently need changing to allow for cloning and for recognition errors.
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