How should I respond to an NIP which is the result of my number plate being cloned?

Can you please offer any advice or info as to what I should do regarding a notice of intended prosecution I received in respect of a vehicle that has been using my registration number? I have already spoken to the West Midlands CTO and they said I should write back to them to explain the position. That I did, but they have now sent the original notice back to me. I don't know if they are really saying "you must still complete the form" or whether they just sent it back for me to retain for info. They do not communicate properly with people.

As I was neither the driver nor owner of the vehicle I don't see how I can fill in the form without in effect incriminating myself, since the form does not allow for people who are the victim of cloned plates. Although I have evidence to show I was not in the West Midlands at the time of the offence I don't want to have to travel to Birmingham and pay legal, travel etc. costs. I also informed my local police and they said I had done the right thing but I cannot be certain as the WM CTO do not reply properly to letters or give explanations etc. It is causing me a lot of concern and worry.

Asked on 25 February 2012 by SC, Harrow

Answered by Honest John
If you know yourself to be clearly innocent, never, ever, admit to guilt in order to get a lesser punishment. A friend of mine did that to reduce a 7-year sentence in Thailand and is currently serving three years six months. Unfortunately none of the UK police forms that rely on keeper identification by registration acknowledge that registrations can be cloned. So all you can do is tell the truth insofar as the form allows you to. If it asks you who was the driver on such and such a date and time and location, answer truthfully, "not known", accompany the form with a letter stating where the car was at the time and wait to see if they attempt to take you to court.
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