Why can't I see photographic evidence from when I allegedly crossed a red light?

Two weeks ago I received a letter asking who was the driver of my car in Chelmsford. The car was travelling at 38mph in 40mph area and was seen crossing a red light. I replied saying it was me and may I have a copy of the photo with embedded data to establish whether there were reasons why. After a further letter sent ‘Special Delivery’ I received a reply saying I could only see the evidence If I elected to go to court and not take the ‘option’ of £60 and three points.

Asked on 2 March 2013 by JR, Keers Green

Answered by Honest John
That's correct. If you incriminate yourself by confessing you are not entitled to see the evidence against you. If you plead not guilty and elect to allow the case to go to court you are allowed to see the evidence. It's like the Thai system where if you 'confess' in court to something you have not done your potential sentence is halved. Many accused people in Thailand do so and serve maybe three years six months rather than seven years for an 'crime' they did not actually commit.
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