I think I got caught running a red light, can I appeal based on not seeing the traffic lights?

I was driving into London on a section of road with three lanes when the traffic bunched up just before a set of lights. There was a slow moving London Bus on my left, completely hiding the traffic light, and on the right-hand lane, a large stationary van turning right which covered the other traffic light. There was no second set of lights on the other side of the junction. I stayed in my lane and crossed the junction and was aware of a series of flashes in my rear view mirror. I believe I may have triggered the red light camera on that junction. It was only two days ago and so I do not yet know. Would I have any defence against the charge if I could demonstrate I was completely unable to see the lights and stopping suddenly with traffic moving either side and behind me would have been dangerous?

Asked on 14 August 2019 by Geraint

Answered by Georgia Petrie
There's nothing to stop you appealing, but they will likely view your 'defence' as a lack of awareness if you say that you simply didn't notice that there were lights at a junction. Realistically, you should be looking far enough ahead to see what's going on in case of hazards.
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