What happens if you are forced through a red light camera by a police vehicle?

What's the position where you are 'forced' across a red light with camera by a police car? It happened to someone in the lane next to me yesterday and could have been me. The police car came up behind him with blue lights and sirens and started beeping his horn at him to make him cross the red light, so he would have been flashed and presumably he will get a ticket and points. I've tried looking on the Internet for advice, but get conflicting opinions from don't let them bully you into crossing the line on red (they are trained to get round you, etc.) and you will get ticket and points, to cross the line and when you get ticket ask the relevant authority (police) for proof/evidence they were there for your defence in mitigation.

Asked on 23 November 2013 by SS, via email

Answered by Honest John
If the police car was liveried, then the red light was countermanded by the instructions of a uniformed police officer and the driver cannot be prosecuted. Stupidly, it’s a different matter in the case of an ambulance or a fire engine. If you cross a red light to get out of their way you can be prosecuted. But obviously not if any vehicle gets so close it physically forces you over a junction because in that circumstance you are taking action to avoid a crash.
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