Should I move over the stop line at a red light when an emergency vehicle needs to pass?

Could you clarify the legal position when one of the emergency services, with blue lights flashing and siren sounding, needs to cross a red light where traffic is blocking their progress. Is it permissible to cross over the line to make room for the emergency vehicle to get through? I think in the past you have said this is illegal, but it is very intimidating to be in that position, and the pressure is really on to get out of the way.

Asked on 2 November 2010 by FC, Stourbridge

Answered by Honest John
No. It seems wrong, but that is the letter of the law. The only legal reason for crossing a red light is if you are commanded to by a police officer in uniform. That could happen if a police car is the emergency vehicle. But not in the case of an ambulance or fire engine not accompanied by a police escort.
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