Caught speeding but can't remember who was driving - what should I do?

In December I received a letter saying that my car had been clocked at 36mph in a 30mph zone on 15 October. I replied that this was the first that I had heard of it, that the location was very close to our work and my wife and I both travel this road several times a day and, after eight weeks, I had no way of knowing who was driving at the time stated and that it could have equally been myself or my wife. They have now replied that it is my responsibility to name the driver and enclosed a photo of the vehicle (in which no driver could be seen) and said that an initial letter had been sent on 1 November by First Class post (I did not receive it). I feel it unfair for me to incriminate myself as the driver when it could well have been my wife. Any suggestions?

Asked on 16 February 2013 by MD, Caerleon

Answered by Honest John
As the law stands you are compelled to identify the driver of the car. But if you get it wrong you face a trial and very severe penalties. It's an impossible situation, usually resolved by the registered keeper taking it on the nose and hoping that the name he gives is not disproved.
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