Our SEAT turbodiesel's turbo has failed twice - is this the dealer's responsibility?

In December 2011 my daughter's boyfriend bought a 2002 SEAT Leon 1.6 turbodiesel from an independent dealer. Within a couple of months, a problem was diagnosed with the turbo and this was repaired under warranty at the dealer's expense. Apparently some vanes were replaced. The turbo has now completely failed, the only cure being a replacement. My question is who is responsible for the cost of this repair? Should the failure of the turbo be considered as part of the original fault and, therefore, be the dealer's responsibility or will the dealer be able to claim that the original fault was repaired and the current problem is a result of something new, and, as the car is no longer under warranty, he is not liable?

Asked on 9 February 2013 by FR, St Helens

Answered by Honest John
No such thing as a 2002 Leon 1.6 turbo-diesel. I guess it must be a 1.9. But the original fault was repaired under warranty and it's now 13 months since the car was bought. I can't see how any liability attaches to the dealer for a second failure that might be unrelated. After all, the car is 10 years old.
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