Why do people race on the public highway?

I am sure you are aware of the horrific crash about two weeks ago on the M25, when two BMW cars driven by young men were involved in a death crash when one of the cars clipped the central reservation and crashed into the other car. Both drivers died on the spot.

It seems that a certain group of stupid young men drive powerful BMW, cars on the M25, to race against each other. The races normally take part over the week end and span the whole M25, circuit, the race winners can earn as much as ten thousand pounds in wagers. One national newspaper reported that there are now no police patrols on the M25, even accidents are now handled by Highways agency staff who of course have no police powers. The government cuts have decimated police patrols, making our motorways very dangerous places to travel, since dangerous drivers can get away with out fear of detection. So much for the campaign the government mounts against drink drivers, it’s a pity there are no police out there to catch criminal drivers. My taxes do not go down because of the lack of police. What a con.

Asked on 2 February 2013 by LD, Jacobs Well, Surrey

Answered by Honest John
No, this one passed me by. I guess with fake plates these people can get away with anything. The police don't pursue cars going at that sort of speed. It's rare in these days of cutbacks for them to set up rolling roadblocks, etc. Police cuts are what the Andrew Mitchell affair was all about. The con on the public is that we still actually have a fully viable police force.
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