No spare wheel on a Juke?

I had a puncture in my Nissan Juke.

The owners handbook states the spare wheel is under the floor in the boot.
No spare wheel is there, only a compressor and a bottle of sealant - which did not work.

If it had worked it ruins the tyre anyway.

I contacted Nissan Assist(RAC) who made a temporary roadside repair
When I took the car to be permanently repaired - I was informed that because already had been repaired that I had to buy a new tyre.

So any puncture you have in this car will result in having to buy a new tyre £176

Dealer agreed/ Nissan customer care (joke) said that there was no spare to save weight to save fuel!

I should have bought one (£204) even though I had read the handbook which states that I have one.

Asked on 31 May 2013 by StewF

Answered by Honest John
Well, yes. All exactly as you write.
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