Transport suspension block not removed on new car?

In April 2013 I bought a brand new 5 door Audi Sportback A3 from a local dealer. The ride seemed very firm but I did not pursue the problem because I expected the ride to loosen up as the car settled down. After 2000 miles with no improvement in the ride, I looked under the car to examine the suspension only to find the transport suspension block had been left on the front passenger side.

Would driving the car in this condition have caused damage or affected its long term reliability, especially considering the potholed state of our roads? I also suspect a car with asymmetric suspension would not pass its MOT or be classed as road worthy, either legally or for insurance purposes. Is there any recompense against the dealer for selling a car which did not meet the manufacturers specification.

Asked on 28 May 2013 by itrium

Answered by Honest John
This is a joke situation caused by totally inadequate dealer pre-delivery inspection. Another reader drove a BMW like this for 2 years. Have a right old go at the dealer for compromising your safety by his gross negligence and demand something tangible back from him for this.

You could take the matter to on the grounds that you did not get what you paid for. You paid the dealer to deliver to you a brand new car in "satisfactory condition" and he failed to do so. I reckons a straight cheque for £1,000 would settle it (though you can't actually sue for this).
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