Replacing Smart Car?

My wife has enjoyed a Smart (now called fortwo) for the last 10 years but now needs an automatic 4 seat, 4/5 door small car to carry small grandchildren or older, less mobile pensioner friends.

We need four seats with good legroom + easy access in a short car (preferably < 4m). We regularly use a W169 auto Mercedes-Benz A class (2005 model) when abroad and this seems ideal except that it is no longer built. Perhaps next comes a Honda Jazz CVT (maybe a Jazz Hybrid?)or a Volkswagen Up.

The car would be used for lots of short local trips with the occasional longer one (50 - 75 miles round trip) and luggage capacity is not so important but easy parking and shopping use is important.

Asked on 16 May 2013 by Captain Rick

Answered by Honest John
Your best bet is probably the Toyota Yaris hybrid, from £15,000:
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