Buying an economical runabout for £5000

I inquired almost five years ago about what car (second hand so someone else had taken the depreciation hit) to buy for an £8,000 budget I was interested in low tax, fuel bills, insurance, that would ferry the kids (x3) around and about town.

Imagine my surprise when you recommended the NEW Hyundai i10 - I'd asked for USED and you recommended NEW!

Well after 5 years warranty covered and lower than £1000 per year depreciation on a car that is powered by two gerbils and costs as much to run, I'm looking for a replacement.

Would you recommend that I go for the same? Cost to change is only going to be £5K currently. It has a better engine now (1.2 vs 1.1) or should I consider something else (new or used)?

I'm considering changing as it has had to have the brakes, suspension struts and steering linkage all replaced recently, all just within warranty, so worried what will be next to give way.

Asked on 30 April 2013 by Downhillfast

Answered by Honest John
Smart move to get out of then old i10 now and into a new one. Fresh 5 year warranty and new bits like tyres, etc, that you would have to replace on then old car. I was thinking fo doing the same thing with my 5 year old FIAT, but just has £1,000 worth of camera equipment stolen in Italy and that had affected the budget.
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