Can the insurance company double my premium because my payout was late?

My son recently purchased his first car which was written off three weeks later in a collision which was judged as equally shared responsibility. He was quoted an additional £30 as an in-year policy amendment to insure the replacement car, as it was similar to the written-off car.

He accordingly purchased the replacement car and was then advised that the previous policy had lapsed as he had to arrange continuation with the changed car within two weeks of the previous write off. The time was ten days to receive his cheques, five days to clear and then four further days to arrange collection and payment for new car. The company now wants a full additional year premium at double the rate. Is such cancellation correct?

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Appeal to the Financial Services Ombudsman. That is an unfair term made impossible to comply with by the insurer’s tardiness in settling the claim. The insurer was responsible for him not being able to buy a replacement car within two weeks and continue the policy. Tell the insurer you are taking the matter to the Financial Services Ombudsman on these grounds.
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