Our Nissan Micra has developed an ABS fault due to corrosion - should Nissan repair this?

My wife has just taken her 2008 Nissan Micra to the local Nissan dealer because the ABS light was on and has been told that the ABS system needs replacing, due to corrosion, and has been quoted £2771 for the work. The car has only done 13,500 miles and was brought new. I cannot understand that such a costly item could have failed in such a short period. I have been in contact with Nissan but they have advised me that they are not prepared to help because the third service was not done by an authorised dealer. What should we do?

Asked on 4 July 2012 by DE, Teignmouth

Answered by Honest John
The problem is that the brake fluid was not replaced as part of the non-dealer service. This is essential because the brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), becomes contaminated and that's what caused the corrosion. However, you may be able to get a replacement or reconditioned module cheaper from an ABS pump reconditioning specialists. Autotek in Poole offers a quick mail order refurbishment service, around a third of the price of a new pump - tel: 01202 740025.

Also try: www.electroniccarparts.com; www.247spares.co.uk; www.ecutesting.co.uk; www.sinspeed.co.uk; www.actronics.co.uk.
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